Reservations at The Suite 710 Lounge


VIP Seating includes expedited entry to The Lounge, complimentary admission for a maximum of eight guests, VIP seating in the section of your choosing, and dedicated service from our friendly Lounge staff.

Our VIP seating areas are divided into three sections:

  • The Alley: Four available Alley seating sections are nestled directly behind the bar, allowing for intimate conversation and speedy drink service.
    • Capacity, 4 Guests
    • Alcohol Commitment, $350.00
  • The Platform: Six Platform seating sections flank the LED-controlled dance floor, giving our guests easy access to and from the action.
    • Capacity, 8 Guests
    • Alcohol Commitment, $400.00
  • The Stage: Reserve one of four raised seating sections located directly on stage. Inches from our legendary pro DJ booth, you’ll have the best view and the best VIP experience.
    • Capacity, 8 Guests
    • Alcohol Commitment, $500.00

Alcohol commitments are an agreement to purchase alcoholic beverages exclusive to these VIP packages. All monetary contributions to products and services otherwise, including applicable taxes and fees, will be charge separately. Maryland State Liquor Tax (9%) and Suite 710 Service Fee (21%) are applied to all VIP Service packages.

Please refer to our Venue page for details about our “Valid ID” and “Dress Code” policies, and for a full layout view of our Floor Plan.